Availability and Contact 

The Range

is available for photoshoots and location hire throughout the year please contact Michelle from Pure Locations on xxxxxxx or send a direct message to hello@therangebyronbay.com.au

The Homestead, The Barn Studio and The Cabin Inn

are available for entire rental 3 months of the year, falling in Queensland and NSW school holidays in Australia. Please contact hello@therangebyronbay.com.au for dates or reservations@byronbayluxuryhomes.com

The Cabin Inn

is available throughout the year for Farm stay accommodation except during School holidays, when the property will be rented in its entirety. Please contact hello@therangebyronbay.com.au

Creative Retreat - The Cabin Inn

The Cabin Inn is available for a Creative Retreat stay whereby a creative or artist may stay for a short stay in exchange for a ‘creative credit’, this being such creations as artwork, photography or a service of creativity. If you wish to apply for our Creative Stay Retreat and look to collaborate please download the application form and to hello@therangebyronbay.com.au